Fingerprints on the hill – Young winemakers with a modern approach in Soml贸sz艖l艖s

Though their family had not dealt with winemaking, a doctor couple decided to buy a small land with a house and some rows of grapes. Their son, 脕rp谩d started winemaking with his wife, N贸ra in 2016. They apply organic producing with biodynamic elements, and they are up to try themselves in the field of natural wines.

Ferenc R贸fusz – The Hungarian Oscar-winner director: ‘Someone from above writes into my script’

鈥濼here were four of us brothers. We played sports, as there was no television or computer at that time, and we didn't sit isolated, glued to our phones either. My mother drew beautifully, she dyed scarves, she designed patterns on silk shawls, and she tie-dyed. She taught me too, because she saw my talent, paying for summer art camps, and drawing lessons."

The Bagossy Brothers – Wolves and goosebumps, so their song speaks on

鈥淲hatever we started, we gave it 120%. At the beginning we were thinking of a band, we wanted to be international stars. With our own songs, calculatingly. When we got our first guitar from our mother and her sibling, Norbi also acquired a drum set. We installed them in the first floor apartment and to the delight of the neighbours we started rehearsing. We knew even then that I would be the bass guitarist, even though at the time we didn鈥檛 have a bass guitar.鈥

Karolina S谩volt – The 12-year-old artist amazes the world with her magical realism

Twelve-year-old聽Karolina S谩volt聽started painting self-taught two and a half years ago and this year she has already had her own exhibition in Budapest, where collectors have bought her paintings for millions. Not by accident, for the magical realist style of this girl is unmistakable. She is an excellent student, speaks foreign languages and plays tennis as a member of the national team of her age group, and produces stunningly mature and impressive works on canvas.

Gyuri Holl贸sy – The Hungarian sculptor takes care of his roots in America

He has never lived in Hungary, yet he speaks our language without an accent, and his Hungarian identity defines his life. Gyuri Holl贸sy was born in Germany after the Second World War as a child of Hungarian parents with whom he settled in the USA at the age of nine. The sculptor continued the family tradition that made his great-uncles 鈥 painters Tivadar Csontv谩ry Kosztka and Simon Holl贸sy 鈥 famous. Among many others, he makes 1956 themed Hungarian sculptures. His studio is decorated with a Hungarian flag and the coat of arms of the Kosztka family. Even his dog (a Puli breed) named Tibor Bart贸k Csillag 鈥嬧媔s Hungarian. We talked to Gyuri, who lives in New Jersey, about the novel-like life of his ancestors and him, and the message of his works.

M谩ty谩s T贸bi谩s – The Hungarian bodyguard of Fernando Alonso and Arnold Schwarzenegger

He was bullied as a child and enrolled in martial arts at the age of 14 to protect himself later in life. And - he didn't know it at the time - others. In most of the sports in which he immersed himself, he didn't even stop until the instructor level; he became the best in Hungary at knife hand-to-hand combat and in "the Formula 1 of shooting". And speaking of Formula 1, as a bodyguard, he first accompanied world champion racing driver聽Fernando Alonso聽and then went on to work alongside聽Arnold Schwarzenegger.聽But how does a Hungarian boy become the bodyguard of The Terminator?聽M谩ty谩s T贸bi谩s聽tells us.

Emese Bal谩zs-F眉l枚p – The globetrotting Transylvanian photographer has an adopted child in Congo

She grew up in Gyergy贸remete (Remetea) and always knew that she wanted to go to Africa one day. At the age of 22, she passed her engineering exams on a Friday, and on Sunday she set off with a bag to Budapest, where she is now - ten years later - a photographer supporting African children and families. She travels the world, has an adopted daughter in Congo, and a foundation in Transylvania for the children of the world. I listen with amazement and take notes as聽Emese Bal谩zs-F眉l枚p聽tells me about her life's journey.

Blanka Kerekes – After Switzerland, the eye of the world is also on the Hungarian artist

"I nurture friendships with several famous families. I have much to thank my patrons for, both professionally and personally speaking: my instruments, countless home concerts and heart-warming invitations. For instance, when due to concert scheduling I was unable to travel home to my family for the holidays, the Esterh谩zy family invited me to spend Christmas with them. Today, I consider the niece of the wife of Prince P谩l Eszterh谩zy as my honorary mother and I also enjoy the support of the famous Jacobs family."

Dorka Szil谩gyi – The olympic bronze medalist water polo player grew up in three continents

You have to be a great adventurer to grow up in Hungary and then live in Australia, in New Zealand and South Africa, though perhaps it is even more exciting to spend your career travelling those continents and countries in the reverse order, spending years in each of them. Thus far, that has been the life of our European bronze medallist, Hungarian Cup winner, water polo player, Dorottya Szil谩gyi.

脕ron Truf谩n – Chicago’s Szekler pastor believes in friendship between heaven and earth

Even during his student years in Marosv谩s谩rhely (T芒rgu Mures), there were always communities around聽脕ron Truf谩n聽- whether he was going to folk dancing or Bible classes. No wonder that he later became the heart of the Hungarian community overseas, where he was serving then as a Reformed pastor with youthful and bold sermons. 脕ron is justly proud of his role in organizing the Hungarian Goulash Festival which became popular across America, as well as of the many friendships he helped to develop between people - and God.

Robert Capa – The world’s best-known war photographer had a passionate desire for peace

"It's not enough to have talent, you also have to be Hungarian", said聽Robert Capa, the greatest war reporter in the history of photography, born as聽Endre Ern艖 Friedmann聽in Budapest. During his daring and adventurous life, he captured five wars from the firing line, and then, fulfilling his own destiny, lost his life on the battlefield.